We’ve scheduled two new tea classes, on November 7th and 21st.

First, on November 7th, we will have a black tea class, Beyond Earl Grey: The World of Black Tea. “We’ll taste and compare fine black teas from India, Sri Lanka & China, including Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon, Keemun, and Yunnan. We’ll learn how black tea is made, and how to brew fine tea in small pots to bring out the best flavors in multiple steepings.”

Then on November 21st is a green tea class, Japanese Teas. “Learn about the unique and wonderful world of fine Japanese teas with their fresh and well-defined flavors. We’ll sample sencha (fine green tea), gyokuro (beautiful shade-grown tea), genmaicha (toasted rice tea), kukicha (twig tea), hojicha (roasted tea), and matcha (powdered green tea), and learn about how tea is grown and processed in Japan.”

Descriptions are quoted from Seattle Tea School, the site kept up by our tea instructor, Christopher. New classes are posted there first, if you want to stay as up to date as possible!

Sign up for classes at the tea house, or call or email us. Classes are ten dollars per person, and limited to seven people per class, so be sure to sign up in advance. We hope to see you soon!