We have an interesting new tea at the teahouse, a decaffeinated, organic, green Nilgiri. It’s very hard to find seriously upscale tea that’s decaf; our other decafs are both blends, English Breakfast and Earl Grey. They’re both quite tasty, but they’re blends of teas from all over the tea making world, generic and solid and not really that interesting. Great for first thing in the morning, or while you’re working on something else, but what if you want interesting tea that you can think about a bit but don’t want any caffeine? Hard to find, until we tracked down this nice Nilgiri. It’s also organic, like our other decafs, so there’s no need to worry about creepy chemical residues (check my article on decaffeination if you want to know more about that). And aside from the whole to-caffeinate-or-not-to-caffeinate issue, it’s special because it’s a green Indian tea. India got into the tea cultivation business to make black teas to ship to Britain, and to this day makes very little green, so this is a really uncommon tea. Surprisingly enough, it’s tasty, too. We try a lot of samples of weird tea that turn out to just be weird and not good, but this one is as tasty as it is interesting. Well worth a try.

Elizabeth, Teahouse Kuan Yin Staff