Darjeeling NamringDarjeelings! Called the “beauty teas of India” and the “champagne of teas,” these delicate and elegant teas have a mystique peculiar to them. They are technically classed as black teas, but are so light they seem almost like a green. Their flavor is fruity and astringent, with a delightful floral aroma.

As the names suggests, Darjeeling teas are all grown in the tiny Darjeeling region in India, but despite their Indian origin they are from the Chinese variety of the tea plant, rather than the Assam varietal more common in India. This contributes to their unique style.

Since we recently acquired several different Darjeelings, we will be having a tasting entirely of Darjeelings this Sunday at 5PM, so come along and experience these remarkable teas with us! Please e-mail teahousekuanyin@gmail.com or sign up at the store in person, as we have a limited number of spaces.