Upcoming Tea Tastings!

Cool and refreshing Tea.  Tea is from the hottest parts of the world where it is enjoyed warm or iced.  Join Teahouse Kuan Yin this summer for our hot and cool tea tastings.  We will learn about tea production, history, culture, and service.  While comfortably relaxing in the air-conditioned teahouse we will sample six different cooling teas.  Join us for one or all of the tastings, bring a friend or family member, and give the gifts of tea. 

For those passionate about tea who cannot attend these tastings, please contact Rachel Newman to arrange a private tea event at your home or office. 


Hot China, Cool Tea June 14th 5pm

Six Chinese teas grown in China’s hot, southern climate, where summer temperatures reach 99º with 100% humidity.  Silver Needle, White Peony, Dong Ding Green, Three Roses Charcoal Baked, Pu’er Green, Pu’er Camel’s Breath are the flavors due to cross your palette.


Yin Teas for Keeping Cool June 28th 11am

Six Green teas that are Yin in nature, which help keep the body cool during hot summer months.  We will discuss the nature of Yin foods and how and why these work to cool our bodies.  We will taste Snow Bud, Green Snow Bud, Dragonwell (Longjing), Little Melon Seed, Formosa Green, Moroccan Mint.


Himalayan Tea July 12th 5pm

Grown in the foothills of the world’s highest mountain range, this Indian valley is hot and sunny all summer.  Still, the locals sip hot black tea.  Why?  We will explore this question first-hand with six different teas from the region.  Darjeeling 1st and 2nd flushes, Assams and Chai!


Healthy Tea including Herbals July 26th 11am

Come explore our selection of healthy teas including many of our house-blended herbals.  All tea is healthy, though some have more anti-oxidants while others may help lower cholesterol, fight fatigue, and aid in digestion.  We will sample pure herbals, blends – including our house blend World Peace – White, Green and Pu’er.  Bring your curiosity and questions about health and tea.


Ice-Teas August 2nd 5pm

Wonder what your favorite tea tastes like ”on ice”?  We will serve six different teas drizzled over ice so that you may choose how cool your tea needs to be. Teahouse employees love to make their own concoctions of ice-teas all summer long. Some house favorites include Yunnan Gold, Lychee Black, Jasmine, Dragonwell, Silver Needle and Bai Hao, all of which will be sampled.  Requests will be accepted for this tasting only.


Southeast Asian Teas August 16th 11am

How do you make Thai Iced Tea?  What is bubble tea?  We will not drink these, but we will learn more about what teas are used to make them and why.  We will sample six teas used as a base for milky, sweet drinks and try them on their own.  The tasting will include, Assams, Ceylon, Oolong and Green teas.


All teas listed are subject to change as we await Marcus’ return with some new wonderful teas from Taiwan and China. 

Please email or come into the teahouse to sign-up for tastings.  Tastings are $10 per person, which includes 20% off any tea purchases made that day.

Please feel free to distribute this flyer. 

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