Shan Lin Xi is back, double!   In other words we have two coming; both later this week.   First we have a wonderful flawless, lightly oxidized, Shan Lin Xi; wonderfully sweet, light and complex with perfect large leaves. Great for multiple steepings.  Cupping this tea for a friend would be a great way to intruduce the beauty of a fine Taiwanese oolong.

The second, Shan Lin Shi Charcoal Baked, is slightly more oxidized and then finished with a light charcoal bake.   The charcoal comes out gentle at first and then more pronounced in the second steeping. This is a lovely well-balanced tea for the baked oolong lover.    We’ll have it in the store in a few days and on the on-line store by the end of the weekend.New Shan Lin Xi Charcoal Baked