We just recieved a lovely new Autumnal Margaret’s Hope and  a reveiw of it from one of our premeir Darjeeling lovers!  Thanks Stephen.  This, latest season, Margaret’s Hope is rich and full but still with the complexity and muscatel notes of the finest Darjeelings.  It is the darkest, fullest, earthiest of all of our Darjeelings and reminds us o f a Bai Hao.   Have a look at the photo and compare it’s color to our other Darjeelings.  Interest in the Darjeelings in our area, Seattle and beyond, seems to be growing along with our own teahouse learning and experience.   We currently have 7 Darjeelings to choose from when only a year ago we had just three!   We’ll get another Darjeeling tasting on the schedule for the teahouse soon.