Taiwanese and Chinese Oolongs

We sampled six varieties of Oolongs from both Taiwan and China including Bai Hao, Ah Li Shan, Anxi Select, Four Seaons of Spring, Wenshan Baozhong and Imperial Mei Zhan, a Rock Oolong.  

Oolong tastings are always fun because the tea is so giving, with multiple, complex steepings from each one.  We sat for a few hours conversing and enjoying the varities of tea before us.  

The Rock Oolong, which is our newest tea at Kuan Yin, is a delicious large leaf oolong with a smokey and sweet flavor.  It reminds me of a fine tobacco.  

An all around favorite at the tasting was our Four Seasons of Spring Oolong.  It is lemony and reminds me of early summer.  This tea is unique because it can be produced at anytime of year.  

Tea tastings are a wonderful way to experience the unique flavors of each tea and notice how they develop and change flavor with multiple steepings.  Oolongs and Pu’ers are best for revealing themselves over a long period and greens are quick and eager to show their true form and greatest flavor early on.

Visit our website to purchase and sample any of the teas listed above.  We are happy to correspond via email and send suggestions for teas to try.  www.TeaHouseKuanYin.com

Next up… how to create a tea tasting at home!